Fiat 500e Passion 199 Mile Range

New Fiat 500 Electric Hatchback 87kW Passion 42kWh 3dr Auto* from £259 per month


FIAT 500 ELECTRIC HATCHBACK 87kW Passion 42kWh 3dr Auto*

Age of vehicle:  New*
Miles per annum: 5,000
Excess Mileage charge:  £0.06 per mile
Duration: 48 months*
(A) Cash Price (Inc VAT):  £24,446.75*
Deposit: Advance payment and/or part-exchange allowance   £3,950.00
Amount To Finance: £20,496.75
(B) Interest charges:  £3,339.25
Balance: £23,836.00
Payable by 47 monthly payments of: £259.00
Followed by a final payment of (Inc (D) Option Fee) £11,673.00
(C) Acceptance Fee payable with the first payment: £0.00
(D) Option Fee payable with the final payment: £10.00
Total Amount Payable (A+B+C+D) £27,796.00
Annual Percentage Rate (APR) 5.3%

Terms and Conditions:

The information below will also be given to you orally by your dealer. If you have any questions about the credit agreement, or if you want further information and explanation, please ask your dealer. You have been given a Pre-Contract Credit Information sheet (“PCCI”). You should consider the information contained in this. You can take it away. The credit agreement is a “hire-purchase” agreement. This meansthat you will not own the vehicle until you have paid off the agreement. This will include any “option fee”. If you default in making payment to us, we may repossessthe goods. If you have paid a third or more of the total amount payable for your vehicle, we will need to get a court order before we can repossess. You have a right to end this agreement at any time. You will not have to pay anything to usfor the vehicle if: a) you return the vehicle; b) you have paid at least half the total amount payable under this agreement; c) you have paid any overdue instalments; and d) you have taken reasonable care of the vehicle. If you have not taken reasonable care of the vehicle, then the amount you must pay us will be increased by that cost. You will have to pay any remaining amount outstanding on your Loan (see below) immediately. If you do not make payments under the agreement at the timesrequired by it, you may incur a late payment or partial payment charge of £18. You may also have to pay interest on any overdue payment. The interest rate applicable isset out in the PCCI. Further charges may be payable by you if you default in making payment. These are set out in detail in the PCCI. If the credit agreement is a PCP agreement or APP agreement then in certain circumstances an excess mileage charge may be claimed if you exceed a set maximum annual mileage. Details of the charge are set out in the PCCI and at Clause 13 of the Terms and Conditionsin the credit agreement. If you default in making payments, then we may register thisfact with a credit reference agency. This may lead to you having an impaired credit rating which may make credit more difficult or expensive to acquire in the future. We may also take legal proceedings against you. This may include court action for which there will be associated costs. Under the terms of the credit agreement, you will, on payment of the “option fee” acquire title to the vehicle. Thistype of agreement may not be suitable if, for example, you are a business, in which case you may wish to consider any potential tax advantages of leasing. If the credit agreement is a PCP or APP agreement then under the terms of the agreement, as well asthe option to purchase the goods, you may alternatively (i) trade the vehicle in against the purchase of a new vehicle or (ii) return the vehicle to usinstead of paying of the final HP payment and option fee. The terms and conditions governing your options are set out at Clause 4 of the Terms and Conditions of the credit agreement. If you take out a loan with us as part of this agreement (“Loan”), the Loan allows you to buy services such as insurances or warranties. The Loan may also include money we lend you to pay any shortfall owed by you in respect of your previous finance agreement (referred to as “Negative Equity”). These are all referred to in the “Goods and Services” and the “Financial Information” section of your agreement. The amountsthat you will have to pay under the credit agreement, including the total amount payable and when these payments are due are set out in the PCCI. Once you enter into the credit agreement, you will have a right to withdraw from it. Thisright is available for 14 days beginning with the date after the day you sign the credit agreement. Full details on how to withdraw will be contained in the credit agreement. If you withdraw, you will have to repay the amount of credit we have granted with interest, not later than 30 days after giving notice and you will need to find alternative meansto buy the goods. Withdrawal from the credit agreement does not include withdrawal from your agreement to purchase the goods. Should you wish to make a complaint please refer to the Welcome Pack for the procedure and the contact details of the Complaints Team. Your dealer/broker commonly introduces customersto a selected panel of lenders, which includes us. An introduction to us does not amount to independent financial advice. We may pay a fixed commission to your dealer/broker for introducing you to us, calculated by reference to the vehicle or amount you borrow from us(which may not be the same as other lenders would pay forsuch an introduction). We may also provide other incentives, including financialsupport for their training and marketing. Any such amounts we pay to your dealer/broker will not affect the amounts you pay to us under your finance agreement, all of which are set by us. Your dealer/broker will disclose to you the existence and nature of the commission arrangementsthey have with their panel of lenders, and you will be able to request from them, in good time before you decide whether to proceed with your finance agreement, the amount (or likely amount) of any commission or other remuneration they receive from the lender.

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